Nov. 26th-30th (Week 16)

Monday- Chapter 8 Lesson 1 Guided Reading. Go over it in class. (Angle American Colonization)

Tuesday- Chapter 8 Lesson 2 notes- The Colonies Grow

Wednesday- Chapter 8 Vocabulary Test- 16 words. Start Lesson 3 notes (The People of Colonial Texas)

Thursday- Chapter 8 Review

Friday- Chapter 8 Review

Nov. 12th-16th (Week 14)

Monday- Chapter 7 Test. Start Ch. 8 Vocab

Tuesday- Go over test. Test corrections if needed. Start Chapter 8 notes (The Mexican National Era)

Wednesday- Field Trip (Subject to change w/weather)

Thursday- Chapter 8 Lesson 2 notes. Chapter 8 vocab due.

Friday- Competition day. Chapters 1-7 review.

Oct. 29th-Nov. 2nd (Week 12)

Monday- Chapter 6 Lesson 3

Tuesday- Chapter 6 Test- Open book and open note.

Wednesday- Go over Test- Early Release.

Thursday- Chapter 7 vocabulary. Chapter 7 Lesson 1 notes.

Friday- Chapter 7 Lesson 2 notes. Vocab due Monday.

Oct. 22nd-26th (Week 11)

Monday- Guest Speaker

Tuesday- Red Ribbon Presentations

Wednesday- Chapter 6 Lesson 1 notes. The First Missions

Thursday- Chapter 6 Lesson 2 notes. Settlements Grow

Friday- Chapter 6 Vocab Test. (13 words) Vocabulary is due. Start Lesson 3 notes.

Oct 8th-12th (Week 9)

Monday- Wellness Point

Tuesday- Start Ch. 5 Vocabulary (due Friday 12th). Chapter 5 Lesson 1 notes.

Wednesday- Chapter 5 Lesson 2 notes

Thursday- Chapter 5 Lesson 3 notes.

Friday- Chapter 5 Vocab test. Start Ch 5 Review.

Oct. 1st-5th (Week 8)


Monday- Chapter 4 Lesson 2 Guided Reading and Quiz. Both for a grade.

Tuesday- Grade Lesson 2 worksheets. Start Lesson 3

Wednesday- Continue Lesson 3. Guided Reading and Quiz.

Thursday- Chapter 4 Review (Kahoot)

Friday- Competition day